What story do you want to tell?

Is it the story of your business, your brand and what makes it superb? Is it an epic tale of struggle, injustice or the triumph of hope through documentary film?

Light Studios exists to bring great stories - your story - to light.

With an eye for exceptional storytelling and a passion for excellent relationships, Light Studios creates a product and a process that you’ll rave about.

It’s your story, so you matter.  When you engage Light Studios, you're treated like a person with value, not a project to be finished. In the end, we want you to be delighted with everything about your experience.

Contact 1300 610 942 or email info@lightstudios.com.au so we can help bring your story to light.

superior storytelling - crafting a memorable message

Anyone with an iPhone can point and shoot these days, but in the age of information overload, it’s the story that will set your film apart. Light Studios knows how to tell your story and craft your message to create a memorable piece which will cut through the noise.

scale to size - get what you need, every time

Light Studios builds the team you need for each project, which means you get exactly what you need saving you from paying for overheads you don’t need. Whether your project is humble or huge, we arrange just the right fit.

service with a smile - it's all about you, not us

Heard some horror stories? We have too! When you decide to create a film, whether for your business or your wedding, you want someone to alleviate your stress, not add to it. Light Studios knows this and will calmly and confidently guide you smoothly through the process, and you’ll end up delighted.